A firefighter suppresses fire and performs rescues to protect lives, property and the environment. Firefighting requires skills in combating, extinguishing, and preventing fires, responding to emergency calls, operating and maintaining fire department equipment and quarters, and extensive training in performing firefighting and rescue activities. Firefighters must also have knowledge of department organizations, operations, and procedures they will have to negotiate in order to perform their duties.



Fire Chief – Roy Martin
Assistant Fire Chief: Randy Hanagriff
Captain: Brandon LeJeune
1st Lieutenant - David Landry
2nd Lieutenant - Roger Freeman
Trustee - Jody Pillaro
Trustee - Beau Martin
Trustee - Allen Pillaro
Secretary - Tracy Bozeman

First Responders

Beau Martin
Bill Thomas
Brad Case
Brandon Lance
Brandon LeJeune
Caleb LeBlanc
David Landry
Hope Pellerin
Jody Pillaro
Landen Pillaro
Lanny Smit
Larry LeBlanc
Rachel LeBlanc
Randy Hanagriff
Rhett Candella
Roger Freeman
Roy Martin

Fire Fighters

Allen Pillaro
Alton Broussard
Ethan Marcantel
John Owens, II
Larry Daniels
Larry Deslatte
Logan Broussard
Matthew Simoneaux
Michael Lance
Raymond Young
Stanley Williams

Helping people to save their lifes!

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